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Marriage in Poland (wedding in Poland) / divorce abroad – marriage certificate from Poland to file for divorce in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia … and other countries.

Divorce abroad – marriage certificate from Poland to file for divorce in the United States, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Russia … and other countries.

More often there are cases that after the marriage in Poland and long-term stay abroad – marriage with a foreigner falls apart.

Each spouse can claim a divorce. Often divorces take place in the country in which the couple still live, for example in United Kingdom, Ireland, Schottland

For each divorce application submitted to the court, must be accompanied by:
– multilingual abridged copy of the marriage certificate (translation in not required),
– complete copy of the marriage certificate (requires translation).

Marriage certificate from Poland

Marriage is one of the civil status drawn up by the head of the civil status in Poland. It is part of the book marital status. This document confirms marriage in Poland.
The marriage concluded before the Civil Registrar shall be made immediately after its conclusion. If the marriage certificate could not be make immediately after its conclusion because of important reasons, be drawn up immediately after the end of the obstacle.

The basis of preparation of the marriage concluded before a priest is to pass by a cleric – the head of the registry office competent for the place of marriage – a certificate stating that the statements about getting married were made in his presence.

The certificate is signed by the clergyman, spouse and two adult witnesses. This certificate together with a certificate issued by the head of the registry office stating no circumstances excluding marriage cleric forward to the registrar’s office within five days of marriage.

Marriage in Poland drawn up immediately, but not later than the next business day after the date on which the registrar’s office came documents.

If the marriage takes place before the consul, it shall draw up a protocol confirming the submission by the future spouses statements about getting married.

This protocol, signed by the spouses, witnesses and the consul, is the basis for the preparation of a marriage in Polish books of marital status. To this end, the protocol together with assurances of getting married, they do not know about the existence of circumstances excluding the conclusion of their marriage, and a statement of the name (names) that will be worn after its conclusion, and about the name of the children born of this marriage – consul shall send to the registrar’s office of the Capital City Warsaw.
After preparing a marriage in Poland, at the request of contracting marriage, the head of the civil status seems free of charge 3 copies of a summary of the act.

The Polish marriage certificate contains the following data:
– the names and the names of persons concluding marriage;
– surnames of containing marriage;
– status of containing marriage;
– date and place of birth of persons concluding marriage;
– place of residence of persons concluding marriage;
– the names and surnames of their parents;
– the place and date of marriage;
– the names and the names of witnesses;
– the name that will carry the spouses and their children;
– confirmation of the deposit before the registrar a statement of getting married.

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