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Registry Office in Poland, Vital Statistics Office in Poland

The legal status of the Registry Office in Poland

Registration of civil status in Poland is carried out only by the municipalities in the Registry Office by its manager or representative. In 2015 there were 2 257 Offices of Civil Status in Poland. Registry Office in Poland is therefore an organizational unit of the municipality. Head of the Registry Office are appointed respectively mayor, or city president.

In Poland, we have only one term „Urząd Stanu Cywilnego”, but in English, we can refer to such an office in many other ways: Registry Office in Poland, Office of Vital Records in Poland, Vital Statistics Office in Poland, Civil Registry Office in Poland.

Local jurisdiction of the Registry Office in Poland

This will be the registry office in whose district the event subject to registration occurred, i.e. birth, marriage or death. This will be the case even if the event took place in a different location than the person’s place of residence. For example, if someone was born in Zakopane but will be living in Halinów because that is where their parents live, the birth certificate will be drawn up by the registry office in Zakopane, not in Halinów. If someone died in Sejny but lived in Mszczonów, the death certificate will be drawn up by the registry office in Sejny, not the one in Mszczonów.

The most common scenario is when one municipality constitutes a civil registry district. In this case, the boundaries of the municipality are also the boundaries of the civil registry district. However, the voivode (regional governor) can establish several civil registry offices in one municipality or combine several municipalities into one civil registry district. In such a case, the boundaries of the civil registry district will not overlap with the boundaries of the municipality.

With certain exceptions, registrations are carried out at the Civil Registry Office (USC).:
1. appropriate due to the place of birth of the child;
2. chosen by persons intending to enter into marriage.;
3. appropriate due to the place of death or the place where the body was found.

To the tasks of Civil Registry Offices in Poland belong in particular:

Making changes in civil status
• Adoption of the declaration of a divorced spouse of a return to the names worn before marriage;
• Giving your child the names of the husband / wife, father;
• Supplementing act of civil status;
• The adoption of a declaration of change of name of the child;
• Correction of an act of civil status.

Reproducing the contents of civil registry record
• Restore the content of the act of civil status;
• Restore the contents of a foreign document marital status.

Registration of marriages
• Marriage before the Head of the Registry Office;
• Issuance of a permit to shorten the waiting period for marriage;
• A religious marriage with civil law consequences;
• Statement of the possible legal to marry abroad by Polish citizen or a foreigner residing in Poland not having the nationality of any country.

Registration of births
• To report the birth of a child;
• Adoption of declaration paternity of a child born or conceived child.

Registration of deaths
• Notification of death.

Making a will before the Registrar of Civil Status
• Drawing up a will before the Head of the Registry Office.

Registration the content of foreign civil registry records into Polish Registry Office
• Transfer of foreign vital records (transcription) to Polish birth, marriage and death register.

Issuing copies of civil status and certificates
• The publication of the full, condensed civil status certificate or certificates.

Event civil status that occur abroad and has not been registered
• Register the event of civil status that occur abroad and has not been registered.

Feedback jubilee many years of married life
• Notification Jubilee longtime married life.

Change of name or surname
• Change of name;
• Change of surname.

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