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How to obtain a baptismal certificate from Poland

The baptismal certificate from Poland or a copy of the baptismal certificate –  is the current document confirming baptism. It is issued by the parish priest to the needs of the person concerned, in the parish where he or she was baptised. It also includes an annotation / comments from baptismal registers, confirmation books, register of marriages and other parish registers. The baptismal certificate is most often issued in a multilingual form and includes a description in Polish and Latin.

The baptismal certificate from Poland includes:

Name of the parish that issued the baptismal certificate,

Year and number of the baptismal register,

First name and surname of the baptised,

Father’s name and religious denomination,

Mother’s name, maiden name and religious denomination,

Exact date and place of birth,

Date and place of baptism / name of the parish where the person was baptised,

Notes from the baptismal register / information about other received sacraments,

Confirmation of compliance with the baptismal register,

For the baptismal certificate to be valid, it must be signed by an authorized person, usually by the parish priest, and affixed with the parish seal.


 (we are trying to obtain the baptismal certificate from Poland also even if we do not have complete data).

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